baby swimming classes

Swimming starts with a splash…

Our programme is specially designed to introduce the correct swim practices at an early age. We create happy foundations in the water through a variety of holds and moves. Lessons are a partnership with you, during each course we will teach you our 'swim parenting' skills and techniques, which you will find interactive and fun and enable you to tune into your little one’s development and progression.   

Through our 3 stage programme your baby will become a Little Swimmer.

Baby Splashers 

Each week we combine close holds and moves, with safety skills, relaxed swims and gentle underwater dips when you and your baby are ready.  You will love learning all about how amazing your baby is and how our programme supports their development for life.

Beginners stage: for babies approx. 8 weeks to 9/12 months
Advanced stage: for babies approx. 9/12 months to 16/18 month

toddler swimming classesLittle Splashers 

You will find our toddler stage great fun, we use interactive games like 'woggle trains, pirates, submarines and bumper cars'.  Songs and repetitive actions are used to instill good swim practices like alignment, floating, breathing, kicks and pulls. 

They are now stronger on their front and back and will start to become independent on woggles, you'll be amazed at how they master the underwater world through gentle dips and dives. 




child swimming classes

Little Swimmers

Short swims with or without aids means they are now ready to enjoy more progressive skills like 'star floats, rocket glides, treading water and treasure diving'.  Stroke development and correct breathing practices are introduced in fun ways like, 'bubble, bubble, bob for progression to front crawl'. The transition to independent swimming is a safe and happy journey, built on trust and praise with you.

Approx age guide: 2.5/3 years to school