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A Warm Splashy Welcome

Lessons that give your little one a head start in life…

Little Splashers is a local company that oozes passion for pre-school swimming. Come and join us today, make magical moments, enhance their development and learn life saving skills that will last forever. Simply put … there isn’t another programme that unlocks their potential to learn essential developmental skills for life.

magical moments




Why Little Splashers is simply the best...

  • Outstanding, baby and preschool learn to swim programme
  • Multi-Sensory approach to lessons
  • Develop your little one on all levels: physical, cognitive and social
  • Highly trained, passionate teachers
  • Warm water pools suitable for babies from 8 weeks
  • Regular photo shoots 

We support you all the way...you will love our ‘Swim Journey Guide’, lesson plans and support information.  There are also ‘free’ awards, to celebrate your little one's special time at Little Splashers.




babies love the underwater worldGive your child the ‘love’ of water …you can join us at any stage, through our 3 stage programme your baby will become a Little Swimmer.

Start your magical journey with us today

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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