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Lessons that teach your baby to swim…

Little Splashers specialise in baby and pre-school swimming from two months to four years.

Lessons have been developed by expert swim coaches to combine a mixture of exciting play activities with the latest swim techniques to make swimming fun and progressive.
Spending quality one to one time with total focus on each other in the pool, having fun and relaxing together is extremely beneficial to baby and adult. Many moves and techniques used promote skin to skin contact, closeness and trust.
As each course progresses you will build your baby's confidence, learn invaluable safety skills and work towards independent swimming at a very young age. It doesn't matter if you are not a good swimmer yourself, in fact it may increase your confidence. Give your child the ‘love’ of water ........ you can join our lessons at any stage.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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News and Blog


19 December 2013
We asked our swimmers on our Facebook page - why they joined Little Splashers.


18 November 2013

Little Splashers is proud to announce it has just been awarded the SWIM STAR SWIM SCHOOL approval by the STA.


19 September 2013